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Harmon Cove I

Fall Bulletin

Winter approaches and we ask that you review the following information which will help make the season more comfortable and safe.

Please be sure that Emergency contacts, telephone numbers for home and work are up to date.
Residents may choose to leave  spare door  keys in their unit file
at the management office, for emergency purposes.

If you are having Cable TV installed, be aware that COMCAST CABLE is to neatly nail the cable to the building trim as closely and unobtrusively as possible. They are obliged to do a neat job on the outside of the building. Cable wires are not to run across the building siding.
Report any such infractions to:


NOTE: To anyone planning on having a Satellite Dish installed.
There are restrictions that apply regarding the location and installation of all dishes.

Residents should obtain an Architectural Control Form from  the Management office, prior to the start of any work.

Building Modification
Any modification which involves the exterior of any buildings must be approved by the Board.

No decorations or ornaments, electric or non-electric, are allowed on common property. Electrical decorations are not allowed on limited common property.
No signs or balloons are permitted on gates, street signs, trees, poles dumpsters or other common property.
The Managing Agent is authorized to remove any unauthorized items

Harmon Cove I has a new website for residents:

Harmon Cove, situated on the river, is especially susceptible to freeze-ups, which are very unpleasant and expensive when they occur.

To prevent freezing of your water pipes:
Have your heating unit checked to make sure that it is in good working order.
Maintain a minimum 65-degree temperature in your home at all times …even if you are away.
If the temperature drops below 15 degrees, allow all faucets to drip, and flush all toilets occasionally.
Should you go away for several days, it is a good idea to leave your house key with a neighbor directly above or below you, and/or at the management office in the Clubhouse.

Harmon Cove I By-Laws makes it mandatory for unit owners to replace fogged window glass.  This will not only help to maintain the fine appearance of our community, but will also help lower unit owners' fuel bills.
The following is a partial list of contractors who replace window glass:
Bergen County Glass

Dan Brando

Florian Glass

Attention Residents:  Moving in or out of Harmon Cove I is not permitted on Weekends or Holidays.

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