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Page 5 - Fall Bulletin

Recycling continued
Residents  are required to assure that all packaging associated with new appliances, furniture, fixtures or equipment delivered to your home is properly disposed of by the delivering company, outside of Harmon Cove, or, by the unit owner as specified by Harmon Cove I rules.

Protective materials such as plastic sheeting, plastic noodles/pellets, or plastic foam must be placed in garbage bags, tied and placed in dumpsters.

All other items or waste products, such as flooring materials, paint, scrap lumber or sheetrock, removed from a unit as a result of repairs or renovations, must be disposed of outside Harmon Cove property by the contractor at his expense.  Equipment, tools, supplies left by contractors on common property (such as on grounds, on or under stairs, decks, walkways or in meter rooms) for more than 24 hours are subject to removal and disposal by the Management.

Review section 5:21 page 24-25 of the Resident Handbook.

Dogs have to be leashed and attended when outside. Dog owners who fail to do so are subject to fines.
Do not allow your pet to soil or defile any public or private property with its excrement. Pick up after your dog!
Encourage your dog to urinate on stone or paved areas, but if this is unavoidable, try not to let the dog urinate in the same spot from day to day. Continuous urination on the same spot kills the grass.
Do not allow your dog to urinate on shrubs, trees or flowers.
Residents are encouraged to report offenses to Management
The following actions will be taken by Management
The resident will be given a written warning.
If there is a second offense within a 12-month period, such offense shall entitle the Association to collect a fine of $100 and;
If there is a third offense within a 12-month period, such offense shall entitle the Association to collect an additional fine of $250.
Each subsequent offense within a 12-month period entitles the Association to collect a fine of $500.

A copy of your written complaint is forwarded to the Town of Secaucus Health Department for action. They will reply with a warning notice. Future complaints to the Secaucus Health Department will result in severe fines (up to $500.00). Again, please familiarize yourself with the dog/pet codes.
See Town code, Chapter 67, sections 67-12 & 67-13 regarding. Pet regulations and penalties.

Ground feeding of birds and animals and the use of bird feeders in any location is illegal and strictly forbidden for health reasons.

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