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Page 3 - Fall Bulletin

Please review pages 15 and 16, section 4:4 of the Resident Handbook.
You are urged to have your fireplace inspected by a professional prior to each season's use.
All Gas log inserts MUST be approved by Public Service Electric and Gas (with a copy of approval supplied to the Management office).
Glass doors, forced air grates, wood burning stoves and free standing fireplaces are strictly prohibited

The following fuels are unsafe to use in your fireplace and are strictly prohibited:

Wood that has been painted or dipped in tar, pitch or creosote

Wood products manufactured with synthetic binders such as plywood
Trash (especially plastics)

Scrap lumber or refuse

Artificial logs containing paraffin oil.

Duraflame 1

Hard coal (because of carbon monoxide output)

The following is a list of  contractors that specialize in the cleaning of chimneys:

All American Chimney King

One Hour Chimney Service
It is recommended  that all chimneys and vents be inspected and cleaned annually.

Remember, buy only the amount of firewood you need for one season.  You may store  wood (in a rack) in front of your car if you leave 3' of clearance from the carport wall.

We recommend that residents use bricks or concrete pads under the firewood racks to prevent the rack from settling into the asphalt or deck surfaces.

Firewood is not to be stored:
Under stairs and wooden walkways
In direct contact with carport floors or in direct contact with crib walls or railroad ties
On landings or decks, unless stored in circular racks and the weight of the wood does not exceed 150 pounds (an excessive weight of wood can cause structural damage and/or impede exit from buildings)
At any unit entrance.
Management will remove incorrectly stored firewood.

Are required by  N.J. State Law.
One per floor, either hard wired or battery operated. If the device is powered by battery, it is suggested that residents change batteries when they receive the Fall and Spring Bulletins.

Each unit must have at least one fire extinguisher, two or even three is not a bad idea. Home Depot or any local hardware store will have them in stock.

Your assigned storage room is to be used for the storing of any personal belongings.

Areas that are off limits for storage are:

  • Walkways, decks and stairs
  • Meter rooms crawlspaces or attics
  • Carports, except for properly stored firewood.

Upper units have the outside parking space and storage room.
Lower units have the inner parking space and storage room.

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