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bulletHarmon Cove I Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Schedules
The current list of maintenance activities such as building painting and maintenance, landscaping activities, tree trimming and sprinkler maintenance schedules appear below. Dates are subject to change, due to weather conditions or other factors beyond management control. Activities listed are large scale efforts. Maintenance work affecting individual buildings and units will not be listed here, but unit owners will always be notified in advance of work to be performed.
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Presidents Report

Tom Schwarz 

Let me ask everyone a question. How about Christmas Day sitting by our pool? . It is not too far fetched, based on the weather we have been experiencing lately. I think itís great, since there is a little more opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Before long Old Man Winter will catch up with us, and from the many that get paid to project weather trends, it looks as if we will be yearning for April.

         If you were not fortunate enough to attend the Princeton Tigertones performance at the Clubhouse, let me tell you, you missed a fabulous show. The group chose music to please every taste, and they did it in a very unique style that kept everyone entranced during the entire performance. There was even a sprinkling of children, which was very gratifying to see. We thank the Cultural Committee for their effort. It was EXCELLENT! Have you signed up for New Yearís yet? Why not commit to an evening of dancing, dining and bringing in a brand New Year together, that we all hope will bring better fortunes to each and everyone of us. We are planning for a RED, WHITE, and BLUE evening, but without YOU it will be incomplete. 

            Staring this winter, we will be removing all tennis nets except one. We hope that this will help to prevent some of the damages that taut nets have caused. We will put the nets back up in April, or sooner if the weather begins to change. Now that the Recreation Board has embarked on a new fiscal year, you will start seeing work being done in the Clubhouse after the Holidays. The plan is to improve and spruce up an area, which gets a great deal of public use. We are still in the planning stages, so I cannot elaborate. In the spring there will also be some work done on the actual deck outside the Cove Club. As always, everyone is welcome to come to our monthly meetings, and ask questions to your hearts content. 

            Here are a few reminders to ALL wishing to celebrate with us. The Cove Club is open Friday nights through out the year. December 14th, we will have a FA LA LA LA LA LA! Tree trimming, Menorah decorating holiday party. Come join us, there is always something to munch and toast with, and yes! You can bring something to munch as well. The New Years Eve party December 31st, reservations being taken now. In January there will be a Super Bowl Party, and as we move into winter we plan to have an evening of charades, and an evening of B-I-N-G-O. 

            Perhaps youíve noticed a NEW face sharing duties with Barbara in the Recreation Office. Her name is Lisa Wiencek. She is getting settled in quite nicely, and is most helpful to one and all. Why donít you stop in and say HI! To her, youíll even notice she has some strange accent. Welcome Lisa, we appreciate your smile, very much. 

            I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the Board members, to thank the entire staff from IMPAC for their diligent work in our community all year long. Your presence is acknowledged and very much appreciated. To the entire community a very Happy, Healthy Holiday Season, and most important, a very safe and fruitful 2002! Letís dance our way into the Year.




This committee, which is jointly sponsored by the Harmon Cove I and II Associations, maintains a promotional web site for our community. Click on the picture below to go to this site.

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Notice: Traffic Regulations for Harmon Boulevard:

1. Speed limit is 25 miles per hour over the full length of the street. The speed limit is strictly enforced by Secaucus Police via radar units. Enforcement notices are posted on the speed limit signs on Harmon Boulevard.

2. Parking is allowed only on the South-bound side of the street (adjacent to Harmon Cove I property) between Sandpiper Key and Sea Isle Key, except where the curb is painted yellow.

3. Legal parking hours on the street are from 5PM to 7AM on weekdays and all day/night on week-ends and holidays. During a declared flood emergency, all parking restrictions are rescinded. Contact Management at 867-0400 to determine if a flood emergency has been declared.

4. Parking violations will be enforced as follows: first offence - a note will be left on the windshield citing a violation and warning of subsequent actions; second offence - a sticker will be applied to the side window of the vehicle citing a violation and warning of subsequent actions; third offence - the vehicle will be towed from the property at the owner's expense.