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The Fall Bulletin is now available on the Bulletins page and check for the latest Board Meeting minutes on the Board News page.

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NOTICE: You are advised to print a copy of this page and keep it near your computer in case electrical power is lost. 

Emergency Contact Numbers
Service Company or Organization Phone Number
Fire Town of Secaucus 911
Police Town of Secaucus 911
Ambulance Town of Secaucus 911
HC I Management IMPAC 201-867-0400
(24 hr./7 day)
Electricity/Gas PSE&G 800-436-7734
Water United Water 800-422-5987
Telephone Verizon 800-275-2355
Cable TV Comcast 800-982-5590
Cable Internet Comcast 888-793-0800
Animal Control/Rescue Town of Secaucus,
Al McClure, Warden
Plumber Pruzansky 800-778-1176
  M & M 201-546-3705
  Riteway 201-864-1363
Heating/AC Climate Control 201-487-5450
  Richard Heinrich 973-471-4214
  Meadowlands Contracting 201-974-2618
Electrician Dominguez Electrical 201-988-4141
  Tommy's Electric 201-422-0950
  R.E. & C. Electric 201-854-3423
Locksmith Alert 201-863-8200
  A & R 201-854-7013
  NJ Locksmith 201-864-5777
Carpet Cleaning D&B Carpet Cleaning 800-244-35865491
  Systematic Cleaning 800-831-5345
Water/Sewer Line Freeze-up Meadowlands Contracting 201-974-2618


Community Emergencies


Winter Storms

Each winter our area is at risk for severe winter weather, such as severe icing or heavy snow. After any storm, where ice or snow accumulation on streets, building entrances or paths occurs, Harmon Cove I snow removal services will deal with the clean-up and safety related tasks on a timely basis. The Town of Secaucus plows and salts Harmon Boulevard. Of course, during declared storm emergencies, you are advised to remain in your home and do not drive until streets are plowed.

During snow emergencies, parking is not allowed on Harmon Boulevard at any time, unless there is a very rare concurrent flood emergency (see next section). Streets and carport areas are plowed and salted on a rotating schedule from storm to storm and from year to year so that each street gets equal overall treatment in terms of receiving services first after a storm.

Carport areas are plowed as completely as possible. You must remove your vehicles from the areas between the street and your carport as soon as possible after your street has been plowed in order to assure that your  parking space is plowed. Please do not direct or offer payment to our staff or contractors for these services. 

If you have health problems or a disability and need assistance in removing snow from around your car, or if you have any questions about the services being performed, please call the Management office at 8670400.



Infrequently, some flooding of streets and riverside paths can occur within Harmon Cove I due to extraordinary high tide levels on the Hackensack River caused by a combination of normal astronomical high tide and winter gales (Nor'easters) or summer tropical storms or hurricanes. You can feel confident that your home itself will be safe during such events. Also, be assured that the Association has flood insurance to cover damage to common building property, if it should occur.

If you are warned by Management, the Town Police or your neighbors of a Flood Emergency, take the following actions:

1. Move all vehicles out of carport areas to Harmon Boulevard or any space in any of the community parking lots.

2. Check carport storage rooms and elevate (at least 18" above the floor) or move to your unit any of your possessions which may be damaged by water.   


Wind Damage

It doesn't take a blizzard or a hurricane to cause wind damage to our property a summer severe thunderstorm or strong sustained winter winds can do the job. If you see damage to your building or tree or shrubbery damage on the property, please call the Management office at 867-0400 and report the location and type of damage.

If any storm causes major damage to our property, appropriate Association and Town emergency response resources will be directed towards safety, cleanup and repair efforts.


Loss of Electricity

In the event of loss of service to the whole community you will likely hear about via the media and notices posted in carport. The service provider will restore service as soon as possible.

It is also possible that a loss of service to a whole building or a whole  street could occur if underground wiring or transformers, located at various locations on the property, malfunction. In this case, if you have checked with neighbors, and they do not have electrical service, notify Management and the service provider (see telephone list above).

During winter-time power outages, your heating system will not be operable, as it requires both electricity and gas services. Therefore, since all units have fireplaces, we advise that each unit keep a supply of firewood on hand. The fireplaces are not designed to heat the whole house, but can provide a source of radiant heat in your living room. You may also use your kitchen gas oven as a heat source, if gas service is available. Never leave gas stove top burners on as a heat source, unattended. In all cases, it is advised that you open a window slightly to provide ventilation when these alternate heating sources are used.

During all power losses, it is recommended that only flashlights and electric lanterns be used for lighting. Candles are decorative, but should not be used as a lighting source, unattended. You are not permitted to attach portable electric generators of any kind to your house wiring.


Loss of Gas

In the event of loss of service to the whole community you will likely hear about via the media and notices posted in carport. The service provider will restore service as soon as possible.

It is also possible that a loss of service to a whole building or a whole  street could occur if a gas line break occurs within the community. In this case, if you smell gas in the carport area or the street, and/or you have checked with neighbors, and they do not have gas service, notify Management and the service provider (see telephone list above).


Loss of Water

Community wide water loss could be caused by a number of conditions arising beyond Harmon Cove, such as water main breaks or supply contamination. Generally, such conditions are widely publicized by the media and appropriate announcements are also posted in carport areas and on this web site by Management. The service provider will make necessary repairs and you will be notified concerning availability and usability of water.

In addition, the water supply to sections of our community could be disrupted due to line breaks on our property. Association contractors and/or the service provider will repair the damage in a timely manner, and you will be notified concerning service restoration by Management. 


Loss of Telephone Services

Most telephone service losses will affect only your unit or your cellular service, but community-wide service loss for an extended period is possible due to events such as major storms. In the event that this occurs, your emergency communications needs can be met within the community by resident, Frank Mason, who resides at 220 Sandcastle Key. Frank has offered his services to the community as a licensed state emergency radio communications provider. Please respect the intent of this service. It is for emergency communications needs only. In addition, even though land line telephone services are lost, many cellular services may be operational, and your neighbors who have such services may be able to assist you.


General Information

Be prepared for any emergency situation. The following web sites are excellent resources for preparation and action information:

Red Cross Disaster Information,  


FEMA Disaster Information,


Secaucus Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides community situation and action information during a declared emergency on Comcast Channel 35 or via phone at 201-864-1061.


The Verizon Phone Directory Customer Guide contains a section on Emergency Evacuation (page 44, in current directory).

During Harmon Cove community emergencies, you may call the Management Office at 867-0400 for situation updates.

Note: cable TV and Internet service is not considered essential. But, any service disruption affecting the community in whole or part will be detected and repaired as soon as possible by Comcast. You are entitled to a lack of service refund if you report your problem promptly to Comcast after such an outage.


Household Emergencies



bulletShut off water
bulletWater heater the shut-off valve is above heater.
bulletWashing machine shut-off valve is behind or next to unit.
bulletSinks and Toilets shut-off valves are under sinks or behind toilets.
bulletAll Hampton and upper units have their own shut-off above water heater. No need to shut off the entire building.
bulletEntire building shut-off valve is in the meter room.  Call Management office 201-867-0400 for emergency instructions. (Break lock if necessary)  Valve is about 2 from floor and marked with a RED tag.
bulletInform the neighbors that you have turned off the water.
bulletCall Plumber
bulletNotify Management office 201-867-0400



Call Rite-Way Sewer 201-864-1363




  1. Ask neighbors to stop using water until problem is resolved.
  2. Call Rite-Way Sewer,201-864-1363
  3. Notify Management office,201-867-0400


Try to find the source of the leak and turn off the water

  1. Call Plumber to determine the cause of the leak and repair it.
  2. Notify management 201-867-0400 of the problem.

If it is found to be an Association related problem, the Association will assume responsibility for the cost of repair. The Management and the contractor providing the service must verify this.  In most cases the leak is from a toilet seal or feed valve, old grouting or a washing machine problem.  Sometimes lines to water purifiers, icemakers or dishwashers are the cause.  If the carport ceiling or other Association property has been damaged due to a problem in the unit, the unit owner (source of water) is responsible for repair costs.



Notify Management office 201-867-0400



Notify Management office 201-867-0400



Call Secaucus Department of Public Works, 201-330-2080



bulletInside your home call P.S.& G., 1-800-436-7734
bulletOutside your home notify Management office, 201-867-0400



bulletCheck carport notices
bulletCall Management office 201-867-0400