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The Fall Bulletin is now available on the Bulletins page and check for the latest Board Meeting minutes on the Board News page.

Check out the Community News page for information on the latest Culture Committee Concert.


Board News

bulletYour Board of Directors

Craig Ellison, President
Robert King, Vice President, Town of Secaucus Liaison and Recreation Board Co-Treasurer
Walter Mahr, Secretary and Public Relations Committee Member
Larry Dicken, Treasurer and Street Board President
Richard Long, Assistant Treasurer and Street Board Member
Thunder Haas, Landscaping Coordinator and Street Board Member
Judy Cutler
Mitchell Pascual
Bernice Schwartz

The Board is comprised of nine members who are elected for 3 year terms in rotation. Elections are held annually in February.


President's Report

Craig Ellison, President

If I had predicted 70 degree weather for the first of December, and that people would be playing tennis in shorts, no one would have believed me.  So far, the weather has co-operated with us and has given us a couple of extra weeks to finish off our projects for this fiscal year. 

As most of you know, our fiscal year ended on November 30th, so in a couple of weeks we’ll have our first peek at the final numbers to see how close we came to meeting our budget for the year.  Your board reviews the budget numbers every month, so we don’t expect any major surprises. 

Here’s a list of activity during the last month:
bulletAll roofs scheduled to be replaced this year have been completed (11).
bulletA water main break on Sunset Key was repaired.  The cost of the repair will be charged against the new year’s budget. 
bulletThe in-ground irrigation system was shut down and winterized.
bulletOutdoor faucets have been turned off to prevent freeze-up problems.
bulletAll deck replacements have been completed
bulletThe majority of next year's plantings have been completed.
bulletThe Fall /Winter bulletin was mailed to community.  If you didn’t receive your copy, please contact Impac at 867-0400, or stop by the office to pick up a copy.

Upcoming events:
bulletThe town of Secaucus will be back to do additional shoreline work on Marina and Sunset keys.
bulletComcast Cable will be on site to "tidy up" some sloppy cable installations.
bulletThe election package will be mailed to all Harmon Cove 1 residents during the third week of December.

Finally, be sure to mark your calendar to attend the Harmon Cove 1 annual meeting.  This year, we’re planning the meeting for February 13th, 2002 (a Wednesday).  We’ll review this year’s accomplishments and plans for next year.  We’ll also have the auditor’s report, committee reports, and hopefully a visit from Mayor Elwell.

I wish everyone a safe, joyous holiday and a happy new year.

bulletBoard Meetings
All residents are invited to attend both the Annual Association Members Meeting, held once a year on the fourth Wednesday of February, and the Good and Welfare sessions of Board Meetings that are held at 7PM on the fourth Wednesday of each month other than February, unless otherwise rescheduled. The current schedule for Board Meetings is always posted in the Club House. You may also call the Management Office at 867-0400 to obtain the date of the next scheduled Board Meeting. 
bulletMinutes of Last Board Meeting
The minutes of the previous board meeting must be approved by the board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. As such, there is usually a one month delay between the meeting and the posting of the minutes. Only the minutes of the last meeting are posted on this site. If you need a copy of the minutes of a previous board meeting, contact the Management Office at 867-0400. 

Harmon Cove I Condominium Assoc.

Board of Directors Meeting

October 2, 2001


PRESENT: C. Ellison, L. Dicken, W. Mahr, R. Long, R. King, T. Haas

ABSENT: J. Cutler, S. Turner, B. Gratale

IMPAC: T. Marchitelli


There was no good and welfare to report.


C. Ellison, President called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


  1. Move In/Out Policy – L. Dicken advised that Harmon Cove II and IV both have enforcement of rules in place and requested that Board Members review these policies to discuss and make a decision at the October or November meeting.
  2. Owner Responsibility – IMPAC researched all governing documents and itemized responsibilities of owners and the Association.  C. Ellison suggested that since the Association is presently in transition with legal counsel, that the opinion of the new attorney be sought regarding this issue (i.e. building settlement and subsequent interior damage as a result).


L.Dicken, Treasurer updated the Board on the month end financial reports as of August 31, 2001.

§         Total Reserve Investments amount to $712,500 with no change regarding the investments ending this period.

§         The Operating Budget year to date continues to run with a surplus.  Management will continue to monitor all expenditures until year-end.  Railroad tie replacement will not be done this year although budgeted, and not all curbing budgeted will be done.

§         L. Dicken reported that there were no significant changes to present arrears.


It was noted that preliminary budget reports that there will be a 0% increase for fiscal year 2002.  L. Dicken recommended changing the present guidelines for funding the Reserves to a 50% target instead of 100%.  Management to check CAI statistics to see what the average funding is across the state is. 

T. Haas motioned to approve the Fiscal Year 2002 budget as presented with a 0% increase to maintenance fees.  R. King seconded.  All in favor.


T. Haas reported that only a few trees remain to be installed with an estimated time of completion – October.  T. Haas suggested that a reminder be placed in the bulletin that residents are not to bother the contractors with requests while they are working and all requests should be made to the office.


§         Landscapeworks submitted a snow removal proposal with an approximate increase of $660.  The Board requested management to re-negotiate the price to no increase.  T. Haas suggested that if Landscapeworks does not agree to not increasing the price, then management should solicit additional proposals. 

§         Management still awaiting the Town’s completion of all outstanding projects.

§         Management requested the Town to paint all curbs, once Quality First Contracting completes the work.

§         The Fall/Winter Bulletin was given to the Board with a request for all changes/corrections to be sent to the office.


Mr. Zelig Straus of 124 Sandpiper Key is requesting that the Association provide each homeowner with a flag holder for their unit.  The Board denied this request and stated that the rules and regulations allow for one flag and holder per unit and if an individual unit wishes to place a flag outside their unit, then they should incur the expense of doing so.

Alice and Bill Allured, Barbara Schiller and Bernice Schwartz recommending that the Harmon Cove I Association make a nameplate donation to the new Secaucus Library submitted a letter dated September 5, 2001.

T. Haas motioned to recommend that the request to have a nameplate donated at the library on behalf of the Harmon Cove I Association be forwarded to the Street Association as it should be a community effort and all Harmon Cove Associations contribute to the Street Association.  L. Dicken seconded.  W. Mahr abstained.  All others in favor.

Maureen McGuire submitted a petition regarding the closing of the train station for Board review/discussion.  The Board stated that a meeting has already been scheduled by the Town to meet with New Jersey Transit and the petition would be redundant.  L. Dicken stated that a representative from each Board should be present at this meeting.  Once details are received, notices will be placed in the carports for residents to attend if they are interested.  In the interim, the petition will be left at the front office in the Clubhouse for any resident who wishes to sign.


W. Mahr reported that the upcoming Cultural Committee concert scheduled for November 18th will be a benefit performance for the World Trade Center Disaster Relief with all proceeds going to this cause.

Management to once again promote the website designed by L. Dicken in carports and the bulletin.


R. King reported that the budget for fiscal year will be flat with no increase to Harmon Cove I and II.  The following projects will be undertaken in 2002:  clubhouse renovations to the interior of the building and concrete repairs to the Cove Club deck.

T. Haas noted that there were a lot of dead Austrian Pine Trees on Recreation property especially in front of the complex and should be addressed.


L. Dicken advised that Harmon Cove Towers re-filed their lawsuit against the other Associations.  The budget was presented to the Street Board with no increase and would provide for security enhancements, which would be taken from the Capital Improvements line item.  In addition, Tom Schwarz, President of HC Recreation proposed that a computer system be installed at the guardhouse.  L. Dicken has requested that Kevin Oliver of IMPAC obtain alternatives to this suggestion.

Due to the recent resignation of T. Haas from the Street Board of Directors, C. Ellison has volunteered to be the representative.

There being no further business before the Board, T. Haas motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:43 p.m.  W. Mahr seconded.  All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Newby

bulletAnnual Report
Each year, in February, the Association holds it's annual member meeting. At this meeting the results of the voting for candidates for three board member seats and any association bylaws amendments are reported. In addition the Board presents its annual report to the membership on the current financial and physical status of the association, significant accomplishments and future plans. 

You may view a full copy of the Annual Report for Year 2000 as presented at the 2/28/01 meeting by clicking on the picture below. Some of the report slides may require you to point and click on the slide multiple times to make additional text appear. On the last slide, you will find a link back to this page.



Notice: Copies of the Minutes of prior Board Meetings and printed copies of the Annual Report are available upon request at the Management Office in the Club House.