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What's New?
The Fall Bulletin is now available on the Bulletins page and check for the latest Board Meeting minutes on the Board News page.

Check out the Community News page for information on the latest Culture Committee Concert.



Welcome to the Harmon Cove I Community Information Center.

This site is maintained as a cooperative effort between Harmon Cove I residents and the managing agent, IMPAC. The site has the approval of the Harmon Cove I Board of Directors. All content properly states or represents current Association rules, regulations, covenants and bylaws.  All residents are welcome to make use of the resources provided by the site. And, if you have suggestions for additions or improvements for the site, please contact the webmasters Larry Dicken (HC1 Board Member) and/or Ed Miller (IMPAC Asst. Manager) at or

This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or greater, 800x600 resolution or greater and Cable Internet Service.

Latest update 12/26/02.

To get to any page on the site, click on any of the menu bar buttons on the left side of the page. A brief description of the content of each page follows.

Home - Click on this button on any page will bring you back to this page.

Emergencies - How to handle community-wide emergencies and emergencies affecting your unit.

Board News - Who is on your Harmon Cove I Board. Also, the latest Board meeting minutes and resolution history, as well as the Annual Meeting document, will be posted here.

Financial Status - Harmon Cove I summary operating budget performance report for prior month and current reserve investment fund report. 

Community News - Schedules for major Harmon Cove I maintenance projects are listed at the top of this page. In addition, any resident or Board committees or community organizations such as the Recreation or Street Boards are invited to submit news articles or bulletins for posting on this site. Send MS WORD formatted documents and JPEG formatted pictures to the webmaster at    

Management - Who the property management personnel are, what services are provided, and how to contact management.

Bylaws - A copy of the Association Bylaws and all amendments.

Handbook - Information you need to know concerning Association and community rules, regulations, procedures. Online version of paper Resident Handbook provided to all residents.

Bulletins - Seasonal reminders on homeowner responsibilities and Association rules and procedures prepared by our property management.. Online version of our annual Spring and Fall Bulletins.

Notices - Important information for residents. Online copies of notices posted in carports adjacent to your mail box.

Announcements - If you wish to announce events, moving sales, lost pets, etc., this is the place to do it. Send pictures and text documents to the webmaster at  for posting on this site.

Photo Album - Any resident may submit pictures for posting on this site. Parties, babies, pets, or nice pictures of our property or the surrounding area. Send pictures, in JPEG format, and text describing the content of and listing the names of people shown (left to right, top to bottom) in each picture to the webmaster at for posting on this site.

Directory - Your residents e-mail directory. We will post only your name, street address (optional) and e-mail address to assure your privacy. We will also post the addresses of any of your personal or self-owned business web sites. If you wish to be listed, send your address information to This is not required by the Association. It is strictly voluntary.

Town of Secaucus - A link to the official town web site. A place to get information about our town and communicate via e-mail with the Mayor and Council Members.

New Jersey Transit - A link to bus and train routes and schedules. Harmon Cove is served by several buses to both Manhattan and Jersey City, including express service to Manhattan from the Club House. Train service to/from Hoboken with connection to PATH and ferry services to Manhattan is available at the Harmon Cove station located just South of Harmon Cove Towers via Meadowlands Parkway.

 2001 Harmon Cove I Condominium Association and All Rights Reserved. No pages contained within this site may be reproduced for distribution without the expressed permission of the Harmon Cove I Board of Directors.

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